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Youtube Guitar Lessons Rock, But

We’re fans of Free YouTube Guitar Lessons. But they ALL have 2 problems:

  1. You can’t LOOP Video Sections (the ones you’re working on).
  2. Watching someone play guitar who is Facing You requires a complicated series of calculations in your brain to translate where to put your fingers ON the Neck. This creates a new, separate obstacle to everything else required to learn a simple song on the guitar.


We’ve “upgraded” Youtube Video Guitar Tutorials

Our guitar-lesson portal solves both these problems for you.

Start learning simple and complex guitar songs faster. With less of your brain power being sucked by perspective and endless mouse clicks.

All our wildly affordable subscription plans have 30-day Free Trial. So get started today learning new guitar chords, licks, riffs and complete songs.

Easier Online Guitar Learning
Easier Online Guitar Learning


Most guitar lesson sites force you through endless and boring exercises before actually making music. If you?re a beginner at GuitarMagic you will be making music much more naturally. By choosing the songs you already know and seeing them more clearly.

Each time you learn something new on the guitar, it burns into your muscle memory. Making you more prepared to learn the next more difficult piece of guitar music.


We make learning guitar easy and affordable
We make learning guitar easy and affordable


Learning guitar is a lot easier when you can loop the sections you struggle with over and over. Without having to reach down, move and click the mouse, then go back to the guitar beck.

Viewing the Guitar Neck in the video in the same perspective you see it when you look down at your own hands makes it far easier to translate the finger, hand, fret and chord positions.



Use our platform to become a better guitar player, more quickly, and for pennies. That’s it. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Youtube provides all the FREE Guitar Lesson Content anybody could ever need – for example check out this great blues lesson with sexctions for beginners and advanced players alike.

We encourage you to give our new platform a try and “see” for yourself how much easier we’ve made it to learn chords, riffs and songs from Youtube Videos!

Learn Guitar Online

We’ve made On-Line Guitar Learning Easier and More Intuitive.

Check out our Quick-Start Video to help you understand what’s so magical about it.

We hope you enjoy our Platform ;-).

Online Guitar Lessons Video Portal Pricing

Learn Guitar FREE for 30 Days, and then pennies continue.

Online Guitar Lessons just got easier and more affordable then ever.

All Subscriptions Include 30 Day Free Trial.

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> GOLD: Billed Annually:? $24 / year – Save 50%!!

Online Guitar Learning just got easier and more affordable then ever.

Give a whirl and discover the joys of online guitar lesson learning without the distractions and brainpower required everywhere else.